Brown Steela selection of quality subcontractor drafting teams that are utlised in accordance with Quality Standards who can partner with engineering design companies to provide project specific design detail for complex projects. Client or inhouse designs are used to fabricate a wide range of products.

Brown Steel have developed a comprehensive job management system that supports accurate and complete delivery and construction outcomes for clients. The firm provides full traceability for all components and inputs of a project in accordance with their Quality Assurance system

Brown Steel has a virtually paperless office where all information is electronically recorded including certifications and warranties after each project. Clients can receive electronic updates on work and can access digital drafting details for their projects.


Brown Steel has developed a reputation for accuracy, quality and timeliness based on high performance outcomes for clients. Brown Steel’s expertise in fabrication and construction supports a technical advisory service to clients on design for manufacturing/construction and problem solving for complex projects.

Fabrication capabilities cover structural steel for buildings (industrial, commercial and special purpose structures), bridges, footbridges and walkways, industrial structures, complex and large support structures, structural bracing, ducting and some pipework. Brown Steel also manages galvanising services for clients.

On Site Installation

Brown Steel has its own transport fleet of prime movers and trailers to support delivery of product to clients’ project sites.
Brown Steel’s dedicated construction and installation workforce covering inhouse staff and regular contractors are deployed to sites for construction and installation.

Experienced project managers work closely with clients and project partners to ensure that construction, installation and commissioning tasks are completed to a very high standard and meet client expectations. This customer support strategy ensures there is good communication with clients and project partners throughout project design, fabrication and construction/installation phases.

Brown Steel’s strong reputation has been built on a successful track record of performance covering quality, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, technical capabilities and quick mobilisation. 


"No one knows steel, like Brown Steel"